Do friends need to buy game too?

  • Hello, can I buy the game and invite 5-6 players and at the same moment can people not have this game bought? Can I be the only one with game/expansions bought and host the game?

  • you can customize the game if you have the extension (YOU MUST BUY IT) but u cannot a game with 5 or 6 players. Only 3-4.

  • Hello,

    Are you sure of that ? I've read it's not possible.
    @administrators , can you confirm please ?

    I want to be sure - before to buy 1700 gold - that I will be able to invite friends to play extension with me.
    So, I will be the only one with extension. They will not get it.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Best regards

  • @administrators please answer us !!

  • They answered here

    @Administrator said:

    You can go about it in 3 ways:

    1. all of you have purchased the expansion via Catan Gold -> unlimited play time
    2. all of you have unlocked it via a Scroll -> limited play time
    3. a combination of scrolls and bought expansions

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