Computer crashes when playing Catan

  • When I start Catan (go to Catan universe) sometimes my computer crashes. The screen turns black and the computer shuts itself down.
    If I have other apps open as well (like Microsoft Word documents) there is no time to save my work. In a split second, the computer just shuts down. This only happens in Catan, and not in any other app. I looked for other reasons, like virusses or malware on my computer, but there are none. And it only happens in Catan. So, I'm convinced it has to do with Catan.

    Can I do something about it? (e.g. adjust settings)
    What is the reason that sometimes the computer completely shuts down itself?

  • I have a Macbook, and since the most recent update a few days ago, my laptop also crashes every time I start Catan Universe.

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