Hand card display

  • Hello,

    When playing on Steam, my hand of cards is displayed with only a small part of each card showing, and a number indicating how many of those I have. Is there any way to splay them and view them properly? I have a lot of unused space and the cards are concentrated together, which is not ideal.

    A good solution could also be to add symbols next to the number. With wood and sheep being different tones of green, when sheep is behind I always mistake it for wood (when I don't have both in my hand).

    Maybe there's a solution for this and I just can't find it in the settings?


  • It is much better to display the cards like that rather than what you suggest. What if you get 15 sheep? Do you really need to see each individual card and have to count them each time you take a turn or is it enough if you see the number?

  • @Stroom I just want the option to see a bit more of the card. Even if it's just an icon. I like condensed display but it's too little info as it is. Too many cards have similar colours.

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