Has the freeze issue been acknowledged?

  • Hello moderators of Catan,

    There seems to be a pretty big freeze issue with the base Catan game since the new update.

    I was playing with three friends on Friday 10th April when the new update had just been released. We were all speaking to each other on the phone and placing out initial settlements / roads. Because we were speaking to each other, we knew that one of us had already placed our settlement and road, but to the rest of us the game appeared to be frozen. We were forced to cancel and start about 3 games until the game finally worked and we all exclaimed a sigh of relief!

    It's been three days now and I'm still having the same issue and it's very disheartening. All four of us are having the same issue and so are two other friends who play the game. I am guessing it's happening to heaps of people at the moment and we all feel like giving up on the game.

    Please let us know if you are working on the issue so we can all have a glimpse of hope.


  • Thank you for posting this issuse.
    Forum must be full of reports so developers finally akcnowlegde the main issue of the game: freeze
    How can game in such a condition be put on market ??

    Sadly It has been like this for years.
    But the update ~2 weeks ago finally reduced this to some degree.
    And now the last update increased this again to maximum. Seriously..?

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