How lawyers from Catan bully independent developers?

  • Read this article. It's pretty interesting.

    Lawyers of Catan try to bully independent game developers and don't allow them to build clones even though they have no legal basis for this.
    If you write a game that's a clone but doesn't use the trademarked word "Catan", does not use the same graphics, does not describe the rules using the exact statements from the original game then you are legally allowed to do that.
    Just like in many countries there are "local" versions of scrabble and monopoly. The companies behind the original companies can't do anything about it.

    In fact, if you google hard enough you will find such games. They will allow you to play with friends or unknown people by running a server on your local machine or joining a server someone is running at their home computer.

    I always tried to be loyal towards Klaus Teuber and only played on the original server His company created Catan and I figured it was only fair to play there. He earned money through selling the board games and the server helped him doing that. It was a like giant advertisement. And if he wanted to, he could have had ads there which would make the server itself profitable.

    After reading the article I don't feel the same way anymore.

    "The only constant is change."

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