4 players with scrolls?

  • Can we play 4 players using scrolls?
    We like the game, and we could pay for it. But we cant ask for our friends to pay for it, because they only will play a few times

    What we need to buy to play with 4 players? Catan basic (500 coins)?

  • Hi Beni, The scrolls last for 24 hrs, you need to ALL activate 1 scroll to play. You get 2 free scrolls when you create an account. Also you can buy more scrolls with those "coins" you get free at the start of the game too. You also need to "add your friends" and invite them to the "custom" game. When you "start" the game it will show up as 3 ppl on the first screen, but just wait in the game and you should be alright. :) Hope that helps! Great lockdown, social distancing game.

    Just be careful because sometimes if one player is idle, you might get replaced by an AI. That's the issue I'm having... :'(

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