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  • Circumstances in the world have attracted hundreds of new players to Catan Universe.
    But lets be honest here. What do they get?


    Now on average every second game frozes (even on AI). First who leaves loses his Elo points. Elo system by itself is great. But I bet everyone is sick of getting for example 1250 to 1236 just because of unfixed bugs.
    I’v seen many players writing that have just bought the game that they are willing to uninstall it.
    It is like beta stage (only not for free) for years.
    How can you ask money for a game in such a condition?

    All these minor changes are completely useless. Close the game and finally fix this annoying game freezing bug. And then open the game and ask money for it.

    What is happening here is shameful.

    Online Catan has a huge potential making it available for multiple operating systems is fenomenal. I want this game to succeed but looks like all attracted persons will have to leave in disapoitment and all those who find competitive Elo system useless because of unfair minus points.

  • The same issues have been going on for 4 years now. No need to bother anymore :D

  • Quote from discord:
    “ CatanUniverse @everyone Thank you all for the feedback on games possibly getting stuck in the starting phase. Our team will look tomorrow after the Easter holiday. After a game like that gets stuck please make sure to perform a manual relog. Click on your avatar, choose the option log out, then log back in again.”

    They glitch the game before holidays and now they say it is possibly getting stuck and they will only check tomorrow

    I wonder what would Klaus Teuber would say about such attitude towards his game...

  • It's not the first time they have released something that breaks the game before a holiday. Should learn from the mistakes eventually.

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