Different Maps in Custom Game than friends

  • Started a custom map and me and my friend (same room) had different maps. The numbers and tiles were all at different spots. We were definitely not playing the same game. We tried to start the game 4 times and same thing happened each time.
    Is there a way to play the same game?

  • Had a similar issue last night. Our family (3 of us) started a game (using free version) and we discovered the map on my screen didn't match the maps of the two, even though we had played a couple of rounds already. We logged out, started a new game, but found the other two had the same map but I did not on my iPad again. I logged into the app on my iPhone using the same creds and the maps matched. iPad issue?

  • Just had a similar issue with one player on an Android phone, and a second player on a laptop (the third player was AI). The maps on the laptop and Android were different.

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