Two counteroffer bugs (AI)

  • I consistently encounter two counteroffer bugs:

    1. When the AI accepts a counteroffer, the original offer is transacted.

    For example:
    -AI offers 1 brick for 1 wheat.
    -I counteroffer: give me 2 bricks for 1 wheat.
    -AI accepts.
    -I receive 1 brick for 1 wheat.

    1. AI accepts counteroffer for more resources than they have.

    For example:
    -AI offers 1 ore for 1 wool.
    -I counteroffer: give me 2 ores for 1 wool.
    -AI accepts, but AI doesn't actually have 2 ores.
    -I receive 2 ores for 1 wool.

    I think that the latter issue is more pressing; I feel as if I cannot make legitimate counteroffers without feeling like I'm cheating.

    Very kindly advise. Thank you.

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