Play on browser with friends on Android

  • Hello,
    I have Catan universe on my cell phone and I played with friend online.
    but I don't understand why I can't play with them on browser. I see them as friend but when I setup a network game, I don't see them ??
    It's look that we all have to be on the same platform !!!

    it's the same game or I'm wrong ?


  • I had the same issue. Does Catan not allow playing friends across different platforms?

    When I play on Android it takes time to find other players to play "Auto Game"... but on the browser, the search and setup is faster. It almost makes me think that Catan only links players on the same platform, Android to Anrdroid, Mac to Mac and Browser to Browser.

    Can the Catan developers please conirm if this is how it is?


  • My wife and I play regularly with our daughter and her husband. My wife runs the game through her browser on a Linux OS laptop, my son-in-law and I run the Steam app under Windows 10 on our laptops, and my daughter is running on her Mac. We rarely have any issues.

    Occasionally I will see them online in the friends list, but when I go to host the game one of them will be missing. Closing my app and reopening it usually clears it. Or I will have one of the others host and invite me.

  • Thanks for the response LemuelB2. Figured out the issue. The second device I have is not frequently used for Catan and realized it did not have the latest update. Updated the device and now my wife and I are able to custom games on different platforms - Android vs Browser.

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