inserted a settlement into the middle of a longest road

  • The Game via Auto match: Opponent inserted a settlement into the middle of my longest road – breaking the longest road.

    I thought the rules did not allow this; if this is legal, it makes for a nifty trick on those who don’t know.

  • Additionally. If two opponents build their roads to a “Y” or “T” and one then builds a settlement in the middle of that intersection; the other opponent will not be able to build a road past that settlement onto the open leg of the intersection (i.e. not able to build through the intersection due to a settlement being in the middle of said intersection).

    This appears to be in conflict with an opponent being able to build a settlement into the middle of an opponents road or longest road.

  • I could be wrong, but I believe both of your points ARE from the actual rules.
    I've been playing this for years and knew that 1) you could "cut" a longest road by building a settlement in it, and 2) you could not build past a settlement that isn't your own.
    My two cents.

  • That's good to know - thank you

  • @Dk11 That is correct. If two player's roads meet at an intersection at which a settlement can be build and one builds on past the intersection without building a settlement, it is still available (if removed by two lengths from another settlement) to build on by any player that has a road touching the intersection.

  • My wife on browser mode today could not build a settlement between two opponents roads, even though she had a road going to it, and all distances were correct. We confirmed she should have been able to build, or page 9 of the base game almanac, with a specific example showing she should have been able to build. I wrote a tech support email asking this to be corrected.

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