Game deleted purchased scenarios?

  • I bought the original Catan way back in the day that came with cities and knights/seafarers, etc. Those permissions were grandfathered in when I switched over to universe and I had access to all the boards. I didn't play for awhile and now when I went to log in, the game wouldn't reset my password, said my account didn't exist and when I finally managed to get in by re-registering with the same email, I can't play anything!
    It's a total rip-off to have to buy everything again just because the app glitched. How can I re-set my permissions when none of the log-in functions work? (I've tried resetting the password multiple times and it keeps saying "account does not exist" when I enter the activation code).

  • administrators

    @Ejm-53 You should reach out to regarding this issue. I am sure my colleagues will be able to sort things out. best include the receipts you got from your Catan classic purchases.

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