I can't log in

  • I can't login in the game. It seems I put my password 3 times incorrectly, but i dont remember doing such thing. Now it says i have the account blocked.
    I tried to change the password and it worked but i still cannot log in through the application.
    When will i be able to log?
    I dont understant it because i could log in to put this message in the forum...

    Thank you!!

  • @tros_de_quoniam

    • The forum and the game have a different login process. I used to have different passwords.
    • If the account is blocked because you entered an incorrect password 3 times, it should automatically unlock :unlock: after 1 hour. :alarm_clock:
    • If the problem still persists, it is a more complex :confused: :thought_balloon: :question: issue and I would recommend to turn :e-mail: directly to support. :ambulance:

  • Had similar problem. Account was blocked after password reset.

  • Thank you for your help. I tried to enter the game again and i didnt have any problem. It's time to play!

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