Frozen AI

  • The ai freezes in the middle of its turn and have not been able to get it started again. We tried resetting wifi connection, leaving the game and coming back - still frozen.

    Its last action was to purchase a development card, and then never ended its turn. Has happened to me a number of other times.

    3 person game/seafarers - oceania

    one player on IOS and one desktop via steam.

    screenshots below

  • I’m having the same problem. Seems like the issue is trying to have players on Steam and iOS.

    I tried debugging by playing a game with 2 players on iOS and 1 AI, and it worked fine. Then when we tried playing with 1 player on Steam, 1 on iOS and 1 AI, it started freezing again.

    So it seems to be a Steam <> iOS issue.

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