Can't Purchase Gold?

  • I've tried twice to purchase 400 gold in order to buy the full game. Each time it has me check that it's nonrefundable (fine) and purchase, but then it just does a loading/spinning wheel and never gives me the gold! I don't think I've actually been charged, but I don't want to try it again and risk it if I'm going to be charged in the future.

    I just want to pay to purchase the basic game! Help!!

  • administrators

    @jhowsare what device are you using for your attempted purchase?

  • I am also unable to buy gold. I'm using it on my android smartphone. I get to the page where it it has the 1 touch but. I see my credit card info but when I click the button to purchase it starts glitching and doesn't go further

  • administrators

    @shaun582 please reach out to our support team via regarding this issue. As a workaround, you can also load up the game via in your browser (please use a PC or Mac to load that page), log in with your Catan Universe account, go to the shop and buy the Gold there. You will be able to use all your purchases across all the platforms we offer Catan Universe on as long as you log in using your Catan Universe account.

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