Avatar disappeared :(

  • I haven’t been able to have an avatar, it just appears blank. It will let me make selections, but will not show the character. Anyone have any ideas? I even tried buying more outfit options lol.

  • Could you kindly try logging out and logging back in again?

  • I have logged in and out quite a few times. Was hoping the new update would help but it didn’t. Anytime I make a selection for the avatar, it comes up with an error that my account doesn’t exist.

  • @Administrator any suggestions?

  • administrators

    @ElleRock please reach out to our support team via support@catanuniverse.com regarding this issue. Best include screenshots of the error message you described.

  • Did you ever get an answer to this? I am having the same issue

  • Happening to me now. I appear to others, but I can only see AI avatars, not other real people, and not myself.

  • Have you tried typing /reload in the chat window? That will force the graphics to reload and might fix the issue. At least it does help with some other graphics issues.

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