Auto match stops when opponent does not roll

  • When a player doesn't roll the dice and runs out of time, the game stops and the wheel in bottom right corner spins forever. This forces everyone to quit the game and lose ELO/karma. This has happened to me probably a dozen times over the past week. It makes auto matches pretty much unplayable. Anyone else frequently encounter this?

  • Yep. It's garbage. In the last 24 hours I've had the following issues:

    Had 9 points last night when a player didn't roll the dice. The wheel kept spinning. I even went to bed while still in the match. Got up this morning and the game was still up. I had to quit. Lost ELO. Pretty ticked.

    Then, this morning, same thing happned. When I typed i the chat, I got the message "Thhis game has ended" but still had to quit and lose ELO.

  • Same issue for me.

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