Cant invite friends to play custom game.

  • My friends are in my friend list and when i type their name in, in the custom match to add a player it says they dont exist.

  • Hi! This is very likely due to the fact that your friends don't have the game mode unlocked that you're trying to play. If you've purchased the base game they can use one of their scrolls to unlock that for 24 hours as well.

  • @Administrator I've been having the same issue and all we are trying to play is the very basic custom game.

  • administrators

    @ModernMyth Have you all did log out and back in again manually? Click on your avatar, close the option log out, then log back in gain

  • @Administrator we have all tried to do that. And I've even tried switching from steam to the web browser. Typically I use Steam and they use the web browser but the problem does not go away even when I switch to the browser

  • i have the same issue, i have tried to log out and log in and i have create a new register and activate with scroll with other email and same issue. I would like to purchase the game but i'm afraid to have this problem after pay. can you please help me with that?

  • If all of you have version 1.9.0 installed and unlocked the game mode that you want to play and it still doesn't work kindly check whether deleting your friends from the friendslist and readding them helps.

  • I have the same issue and I also tried logging in and out, different internet browser and creating a new account. My two friends can find themselves and play with each other using the custom match but they can´t find me, and I can´t find them. We are connected as friends but when I search for friends in the custom match, it says that I don´t have any friends. I played a custom match yesterday and didn´t have any problems. Any help? Thanks a lot in advance!

  • @KatGB We also tried deleting and readding the friends but it still doesnt work unfortunately.

  • Hello !
    Exact same problem here with only one of my friend, I can invite the two others...

  • @Administrator @Developers I have a very long friends list, and I wonder why I should delete almost 100 friends, then add them again, just because you dont want to take care of the bug :bug: yourself..
    Consider how much work :sweat: that would be for me, a paying customer. Also consider that I would be doing all this work :pouting_cat: without getting paid.

    All for the faint hope that it might help. But as you can read in the other responses, it does not . :construction:
    I think you :construction_worker: should come up :wrench: with something better.

    Being able to play with friends :couple: :two_men_holding_hands: is very important, especially since you don´t offer a lobby to meet other players.

    Please :pray: make fixing :wrench: Custom Games a priority. :exclamation:

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