Kick timer sucks with friends

  • I'm trying to play with real life friends but the load on your servers is making everything a struggle. I would like an option to turn the kick timer off so that when I'm playing with friends, it's not an issue if we would like to choose not to kick each other. Or when the timer runs out, give an option to kick to all other players. Or another option would be to have kick timers reset after a player completes their turn .

  • Kick off time sucks

  • Yes!!! I’m having the exact same problem. Please remove or allow the kickTimer to be shut off. My friends and I keep getting kicked out of games. Plus if you do lose WiFi for some reason you have no time to fix the problem. Kick Timer sucks.

  • Add an option to turn it off in custom games with friends.

  • Yes, the kick timer is very unnecessary and annoying with friends. Granted it wouldn't be a big deal if your servers were better. But here we are. The kick timer should be opt out when a game is created among friends.

  • Agreed.

    An option in custom match would be great.

    Especially now during stay-at-home orders, helping the less Tech savvy friends and family leads to kick timers. Calls/messages/emails coming in through tablets along with any system alerts all trigger kick timer. Same with adjusting brightness or accidentally pulling up an edge or corner menu option (iPad).

    Really happy to be able to play on tablets though! Helps with staying in touch with family, but also leads to these challenges. Not fun to disconnect a friend/family player and replace with AI :)

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