I hate New CATAN Universe. Bring back the Old Catan

  • I am highly disappointed as this CATAN universe

    1. Takes forever to load
    2. GAME PLAY IS DEAD SLOW (I know the resources. Each one need not be each time introduced )
    3. I do not wish to hover over CATAN pieces and cards away from the board
    4. Do you guys realise how much efforts you guys have put in for animations which are actually disturbing (I do not want to see myself picking my nose or other opponents doing so every now and then)

  • I couldn't agree more, Aadi. This game gets everything wrong. I'm almost reluctant to voice complaints about loading speed or specific animations, because the problem lies deeper than that. The whole premise of this design is wrong. They took playcatan and tried to make it fancier, but they did so at the expense of all the stuff that actually matters to users: simplicity, clarity, speed. This design is an absolute disaster.

  • this game is unplayable

  • I hate it too

  • Yes, yes, yes. This new one is awful. I'd been away for awhile and was SO DISAPPOINTED to find the slimmed down, barebones, just-the-game version had been replaced with a bloated, slow monstrosity. Everything about it is terrible.

  • We can´t stress it enough that Catan Universe is no direct succesor of PlayCatan. It is not meant to be PlayCatan 2.0. We are buliding it from the ground up and it has a slightly focus then PlayCatan had. We are still in development and are listening closely to the community and what they want. Sometimes it takes time to implement these changes. But we are cole to the release to a new update which will adress issues mentioned here in this thread. You can read up on it here: https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/1556/announcement-for-upcomming-update

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