Paid for the game yesterday, now I cant login.

  • Why did I even bother buying it when im just gonna get kicked off so that people who didnt pay can play?

  • I keep getting timeouts when i try to login. Please help

  • A timeout while logging in means that our servers are currently very busy. We are sorry about the inconvenience but during the evening hours, our servers are under a lot of stress. Our team works around the clock to enhance the performance and allow as many Catanians as possible to log into the game at the same time.

  • As much as I understand everyone is at home for the next month, I wish I knew this before I purchased last night. I bought game and now I can't play bc servers are busy.

  • It's better now than it was when catanuniverse first launched. It was impossible to find a game early on.

    I miss the old catan online world. Great system. I still feel that players need to have a unanimous vote to kick a player.

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