Account Locked

  • My account is locked. Do not know why it even required me to log back in. Reset password after lock. Still locked. Please, help..need my cataan

  • @boli-wimo said:

    Do you want to fix it ? create a new account !

    And buy again, right? That's the problem I indicated to the @administrators and even showed them two recorded videos on how an account that has the expansions paid can't log in and the other, with no expansion bought, can log in all day long!!!

    Here is the post:

  • I can record 100000 videos, it happens without exception!!!!

  • I have the same issue! Even paid for the basic game..

  • @boli-wimo said:

    @P3tra i thought that you understood me, but probably, NO ! Isaid that this game has a lot of bugs and issues and also, administrators cannot help you.

    You said "create new account", that means buying again the expansions, because the new account isn't coming with the expansions already paid... even though I have them paid on mu usual account!

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