• @administrators please fix the problem with your servers!

    I hardly can't log in anymore. Everytime I get the message "timeout". If I am lucky I can play 1 game a day., while I am used to play all night long

    I already contacted the supportteam, but that doesn't help. They just say: Oh you played last night, so problem fixed!
    Well, NO!!!!!

    And I know I am not the only one with this problem, so I hope a lot of people will react in this topic, so you know there is a real problem going on!

  • @nemootje @administrators @Developers
    I know you blame this login issue on the high number of new players.... but....
    What business sells more than they have or can handle????
    Maybe put a stop to new players and enhance capacity and stability first.
    At the current level of capacity we are all facing game issues ...
    This has been and still is unacceptable and shows a lack of concern for your players.
    And don't ask for special consideration due to the current situation,,,, this has been an ongoing issue in like forever.... weekends, holidays..... just different excuses for the same issues.
    RANT OVER.... :-)

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