Catan Classic HD to Catan Universe fails after multiple tries.

  • Trying to transfer from Catan Classic HD to Catan Universe... the Catan Classic HD app on iPad continues to crash after email and pw entered from the transfer menu. Also when it doesn't crash, it says there is no account on Catan Universe. Not sure what is going on or if there is a workaround. I also email support and waiting on a response.

    I also logged off of Catan Universe app and that did not work either within the Catan Classic HD app.

  • @administrators , please assist.

  • @JohnnySCB same here ! It’s now not letting me login on the app

  • It finally worked earlier this morning. US CST time. After the server came back up.

  • And now it does not work anymore. Looking forward to transfer the account and data, until the, Catan Classic it stays

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