Can’t use the app and just purchased login broken!

  • I JUST purchased this and have family waiting to play. I registered and when I finished setting up my profile, it said I need to register!!! What? Then I thought I needed to login so I tied ONCE and it said it was locked. What??? With one attempt??? Then I clicked forgot password and got an activation code and successfully reset my password and it said to login. I typed it my password and it displayed account locked before I even typed login! You need to fix this or refund the purchase!

  • administrators

    @AllenInSLC We are sorry if due to the high demand on our servers you haven´t been able to log in. Please try again now.

    Just to get some things straight here. Catan Universe is free to play. Therefore there is not any possibility to get a refund if you just downloaded the App. It's free ...

    We checked your account and there are also no transactions on record.

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