playcatan replacement

  • is there any other platform or page where i can play catan???
    i cant play it on universe because there is no fun anymore.
    i would really appreciate any suggestions

  • The only thing I've found is catan for android and ipods etc but you have to play on your phone and its still no where near as good as play catan. Maybe one of the community can make a new one, won't be hard to beat the trash can effort of the catan universe.

  • This game is gone dull, all the fun are gone.....way too slow to play...!!!

  • If you google for it, there is plenty of catan clones. Some of them work like the old site. More or less.

  • @roadwolf123 Can you provide link ?

  • @roadwolf123 none of them are any good.

  • @Lofery
    I don't want to provide any links.

    1. I am not your google guy.
    2. Lawers of Catan will go after them once they find out
    3. I want to use this occasion (of USM tearing up Catan to pieces) to stop playing games and focus more on my career. If I went ahead and googled it for you that would have been too much of a temptation to play it.
      I am turning 19 this year so it's time to stop with the monkey business and do serious things. I want to have a wife, two kids, a dog and a cat. A nice house in the suburbs and a nice apartment in the city so I can meet my lover there after I finish work and before I come back to my loving family. For that I need to stop playing video games and ascend the corporate ladder to become a Senior Brand & Marketing Partner. So you know a lot of backstabbing ahead of me.

    Aw, darn it, here you go:

  • @hellrise No. I didn't mean those bad ones. I know there are bad ones too. If you google right and cherry pick for the good ones I am sure you will find some gems. Just don't expect the word Catan. The best ones don't have anything that could even remotely link them to anything in the Catan word. For legal reasons.

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