new password

  • i was trying to log in with my password but couldn't. I asked for a new password, like i had forgot my password but I didn't receive anything

  • I had yesterday, You wait a moment than you get email with the code en you can chanche your pasweord. Now a can not on the site for the game. maybe in one hour.

  • I got the email with the code but then where do you put the code in?

  • Same but i have not received a new one... annoying :(

  • @Lizabee52 above stop stay sign in. (between play without logging in and stop)

  • @Maite_LG maybe in your spambox ?

  • Have the same issue!
    Forgot my password, tried getting a new one. Them, after i hadn’t received a mail for some time, I tried two other passwords and now my account is locked! Please fix it by sending a new mail or unlock the account again

  • Please reach out to regarding this issue. My colleagues will be able to help you out with this

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