Finding games... then timeout

  • Hello,
    I was disconnected from a game and now, every time I try to log in, it shows me on top "Finding games..." then after a few seconds, it shows in red at the bottom of the log screen "Timeout".

    I can't log in since yesterday. What's going on?
    This is happening in mobile and Steam.

  • @Shalmy Not only to you. I believe the servers have maxed out their capacity.

  • Thanks @Rumpelstilzchen ... Sadly this game has serious connection issues :(

  • Same is the case with me. I have been trying for over 2hrs now. I downloaded steam and was able to login after trillion attempts and once the game started i was logged out automatically. Its frustrating

  • We are truly sorry that our login service was impaired. Our team has resolved the issues. We will continue to work hard on stabilizing the servers. Please bear with us during these special times our team is working from quarantine as well and we are doing our best to keep the servers up and running. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.
    If you encountered issues during the login or creation of your account please try again now. Or reach out to our support team via

    The Catan Universe Team

  • I can't log in for over a week now. Same as you describe above......
    I contacted but In the meantime I have had 2 mails back with a question to me, which I anwer right away and I am waiting for 2 days now for the next reply. And still not able to log in......

    I realize that it is hard to fix things in these times, but especially not be able to leave the house as much as I want to, I want to play!!!

  • @Administrator I was able to login and play a few games today. :tada: Oh joy! :smile_cat:

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