Can't trade with bank, cant activate some knights

  • Playing in Android version. After clicking the bank trade and the new 2:1 ratio for bricks (got the port), he doesn't let me choose 2 out of my 3 wool or wheat.
    Also, some of the knights are not clickable, so they are useless...
    Just purchased the game today and it's very disappointing.

  • From what you're saying, I understood you've bought a brick port, and you're trying to trade 2 wools or wheats. It doesn't work this way. Please check the following:
    When you build a port, and you're allowed for 2:1 trading, you automatically select 2 of your materials. So for example you've got 3 bricks and a brick port. Each time you click on bricks in bank trade menu, you automatically select two of them so you can trade for one different material. You can't click on more bricks, because you've only got one left and thus you're unable to trade 2:1. The port only works when you're trading two given materials (depending on the port) for one material of your choice (but the material you're trading for, so you can't trade 2 bricks for 1 brick).

    Knight, you can only use in next turn after purchasing them. So you can't buy and use them in the same turn. It was surprising for me too, because when playing table top version of Catan, we were using it the very same turn we purchased them (hadn't checked the rules though xd).

    Hope everything is clear now, please ask again if you've got any more doubts.

    Enjoy the game,

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