Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Hey everyone,
    Loving the Catan Universe as I cannot be in gatherings with my friends and playing it physically.

    I would love to know all the shortcuts on the keyboard which can help save time and effort for me and my opponents. I feel like sometimes I waste too much time down one thing to find out later it's just one key.

    All I know for now is that:
    "N": Throw Dice / End Turn
    Space Bar: Approve action / Approve Trade

    What else?
    Please engage :smile:

  • @Mahmoudish If you get stuck, you can press f4 and alt key :white_medium_small_square: simultaniously. That immediatly shuts Catan down. Then you restart the game. Once Catan is reloaded, :sunrise: a window should appear. If you are lucky, you are asked to rejoin the game. If you are unlucky, it tells you that you have been kicked :boom: from your last game.

  • Esc for Disapprove actions/trade

  • @interventzia Great one, I have been looking for something like that for a while! Thanks!

  • T to toggle the trade window
    arrows and awsd to move the board around
    anyone found a decline trade button?

  • @lcoreyl as interventzia mentioned above, the esc key

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