• Is there a way to cheat in Catan? Feels like when one player keeps getting the exact rolls they need and the other players (who have resources on 6s, 8s, 5s, and 9s) get no resources. Just seems odd because this has happened to me multiple times lately.

  • @vartivar Your observation, that the dice statistics :bar_chart: are unbalanced , is shared by many.
    But admin insists that it is not:exclamation:
    My personal experience: I feel the dice are either ridiculously lucky, or totally unlucky for me. So I do not believe there is some malicious :japanese_goblin: intent behind it, but a weird programming for :game_die: randomization.

  • There IS a way to cheat, and I have run into it once that I am aware of. It is possible for one player to play or run two different online "players" in Catan. They coordinate "play" and trades between the two different IDs in order for one of them to win.

    In my case, I was in a four-person game and two of the players had names that were quite similar to each other. It took me a while to realize it, but their trades started to look weird. Like, "player one" would trade four bricks for one sheep, and a roll or two later "player two" would trade the four bricks back to the first player, who would then use them to build something.

    After this happened a couple of times, I put 2+2 together and called it out in chat. The other (non cheating) player and I left the game. Reported and blocked them both before doing so.

    This probably doesn't happen SUPER often, but it obviously does happen so do look out for it!

  • Omg the same happened to me last night. I was in a 3 person game and the other two players kept trading amongst themselves. Actually one of them kept giving everything to the other to make him win and they kept blocking my resources. It was super annoying

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes, their algorithms are absolutely ridiculous. I have had things happen that are assuredly 1 or 2 million to 1 and yet they happen. They are drinking Koolaid regarding their algorithm... won't listen to reason. Say things like over time it will have a "normal" distribution but the fact is, the odds of what happens in a not so short game are probably several million to one. Also, the thing is, we aren't playing a game for a long time and it sucks to invest that time (and pay them for the game) and lose because things happen that are almost impossible to happen in real dice rolls with real people!

  • Like most of you i played the physical board game copy of catan for years before playing catan universe.. The dice rolls in catan universe DO NOT reflect typical dice rolls of a table top game. By now im fairly certain of a few of my strategies when faced with doing opening settlement placements, but most of the time you can throw and sort of strategy out the window because the sometimes (actually very often) the dice rolls in a game of catan universe completely defy any understanding you might have of how 2 dice might roll. I know its hard to not sound like a sore loser, but honestly from the bottom of my heart im regularly in situations where Ive placed with the best resource and number spread but within about 20 rolls of the dice im rolled out of the game, not due to strategy, but more because of absurd dice rolls...
    (BTW ive been playing exclusively cities and knights/ cities and knights with seafarers expansion for atleast 6 months now, with the addition of politics/ science and trade you really can have a game won or lost very early)
    Dont get wrong Catan universe is young and constantly improving, i hope it continues

  • I'd like to get their programmers in a dark alley. Those punks definitely have rigged the game in favor of their AI players. I play Single with 2 AI players, and they win 95% of the time. First, as soon as I get 8 resources, either the next AI or I will roll a 7...every time. Soooo many times I've gotten 8 points while they are 5 or less, then for like 30 dice rolls I get not 1 resource and low and behold they win. The game will not ever let me get Largest Army. And when starting out, the game always blocks one of my initial Settlements. I will have less points and less resources, but they still gang up against me taking my resources all the time. When the game is over, I am always robbed 2x-5x as much as either one of them are. This is such BS. I HATE this F***ing game.

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