Block players that quit?

  • Do you block players that quit games? I find it annoying when people quit at the very beginning of a game when there is plenty of time to recover. For example, some people quit after they lose their city when the barbarians attack for the first time in C&K. Don't quit! There's plenty of time to recover! I've seen people win after losing their first city.

    Anyway, what criteria do you use to block people?

  • @James-Hook Since the servers are still unable to provide stable connections, most players who seem to "leave" a game are actually kicked :boom: out of the game due to this problem.
    If you don´t like a player´s :unamused: behavior, you can put him on your personal blocklist. That´s easy enough.

    • In-game, you click upon the nasty players :bust_in_silhouette: avatar. A menu popps up, and you can choose the option block. :no_entry_sign: Done.
    • After the game, on the statistics :bar_chart: page, you can click on the block icon :no_entry_sign: next to the players avatar. :bust_in_silhouette: Done.

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