This is ridiculous, in a game with more than 110 rolls, it never rolled 11. Is it really possible. The games permutation sucks.

  • The algorithm sucks as it rolls randomly. Sometimes it feels like the dice is rolling only for one player and other times as if it's stuck at rolling for only few numbers. I have screenshot as well but not sure how to attach. But if you see the counts of numbers rolled, you will be surprised.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Specifically, the probability of not rolling an 11 in 110 rolls is .00186. Of course, if it had been any number between 3 and 11 not showing up in 110 rolls, it would have been as much or more of an anomaly and would surly have merited a similar post on this forum. I'm not sure how frequently Catan is played online but, I expect it would be a far greater anomaly if this sort of thing did not occur several times every day.

  • This game blows. The programmers have rigged it in favor of their AI players big time. I play SIngle vs 2 AI players. Game after game I pick the same initial placements, everything starts out the same. I do not have any 5s, 8s, or 10s. I can never win. So when I change it up and take the 5s, 8s, or 10s, then I never get those rolled. It is absolutely ridiculous. Some many things are wrong and rigged with this game. I studied AI programming in college and can tell this is so rigged in favor of the AIs, it's not funny nor fun anymore. The only way to even things out is to create a 2nd account and play your 2 accounts against the AI, and even then, barely win 50%. They AI gets everything it needs every time, gets the Knight cards, rolls 7s only when I have 8 or more, etc. I would love to get those punk programmers in a locked room.

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