Not getting activation code email

  • Hey, yesterday I've reinstalled the game after a while. At first I struggled to remember my password so I clicked on "forgot password". Eventually I did remember but now after login it's prompting me for an activation code. But I'm not getting any emails! I clicked on resend many times, and I did check my spam folder.

    Can you help (re)activate my account?

  • Anybody? :cry:

  • Hi t0r0g, I think many people are experiencing the same thing (including myself). I expect with so many places around the world on shut down their systems are under pressure with people looking for ways to stay entertained. I'm sure they will be in touch with us to help us get setup ASAP.

  • Thanks BGDAVIS, good to hear that it's not just an issue with my account. Hopefully they will get this sorted soon. Understandable that this is an extraordinary situation. :)

  • @t0r0g No problem. I got lucky yesterday afternoon and had the email activation code button work, possibly because I am in New Zealand and was trying to connect when it was night in the US.

    I also had an email that I sent to the catan support email address responded to, so that might be your next best bet if you are still having no luck.

    After getting registered I played a few games online, but this morning (NZ time) I can't even connect to the server, and when I have I haven't managed to connect to a game because a player (could even be me) always drops before the game loads. Hope you are successful!

  • administrators

    @t0r0g Your account is activated.

  • Same here! Can you please activate my account?

  • administrators

    @ninanog your account has been activated.

  • @administrators please could you activate the following accounts of my sisters



  • @Administrator please, Could you active mine? I have the same problem. Thanks!

  • administrators

    @Suco_esp done @dlratto agustinacesar is activated morifjurado doesn't exist

  • Same here! Can you please activate my account? @Administrator

  • administrators

    @nlnog done

  • @Administrator can you activate mine also. I did not get any activation code by email.

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    @brulav45 done

  • @administrators Can you activate my account too please?

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