Catan Universe an current circumstances

  • Dear Catanians,

    First of all a warm welcome to all new players. Thank you for playing Catan Universe!

    As you all have noticed the rapidly evolving situation creates unique challenges for all of us. This also applies to quickly adapting to new workflows. While user numbers for all online services rapidly increase, almost every business has to work with limited staff, working from home whenever possible due to quarantine measures, and often balancing this with childcare due to closed schools and daycare centers in many regions.

    Despite best efforts this has and can impact our services. We’re working closely with our partners, support team and service- and backend-providers to ensure the availability of all online services. In the last few days, we’ve already done multiple updates to the backend to ease the load on the systems, updated the systems that the website runs on and made sure the content delivery for the browser version can handle the load due to the influx of new players. We’re also in close contact with our backend service provider to integrate further measures. However due to the aforementioned continuous huge spike in user numbers and general situation, this might sometimes take longer than we hope.

    All people involved are doing their best and are working on the weekends to make sure we’re back to normal performance as soon as possible. Due to the evolving situation, this is an ongoing process. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during this time.

    In the meantime we encourage you all to do your part to help to slow this pandemic via social distancing and help those in need.

    Stay safe and take care,
    The Catan Team

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