How do I Play with my friends?

  • Hi, during social distancing I would like to be able to play Catan with friends. I am new to Catan universe but we can’t fogure out how to play with more than 3 people and to play with friends rather than random people online. Thank you for your help.

  • I have the same question

  • I also want to know if we can play with over 4 players. We all bought the expansion for 5$ on the app and cannot create a game for more than 4 people at once.

  • If you want to play with friends, please add them to your friend list and set up a custom match. please note that all your friends will have to have access to the expansion you want to play.

    This means you all either have to have bought the expansion with can't Gold or unlock it for 24H with a scroll. Custom matches can be played with up to 4 players if you and your friends have unlocked the expansion as described above.

    Without any payment or unlocks made you can play a 3 player custom match if you and your friends have activated accounts.

  • @Administrator
    Is it ever possible to play with more than 4 players?

  • administrators

    @Indigo-Fairy We do have plans for that but right now it's all about the servers ;)

  • Hi, we four of us bought the base game, but could only play a three player game. So one of us had to sit out. Are we missing something that would allow four players? Thx!

  • administrators

    @Kevie-GG did maybe choose a 3 player scenario?

  • @Kevie-GG You can select a 4 player game in options and filters, the menu on the left

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