Login & "Offline" Loop

  • Repetitive "Login" or "Offline" error window popups in both computer and phone applications. Appears to work but does not complete log-in or reconnection and loops back to starting screen.

    Both my computer and phone have access to fast Wifi. Based on previous comments across Steam and online forums, this seems to be a reoccurring problem for Catan Universe.

    Now with the COVID-19 quarantines and isolations would be an ideal time to have this fix and get the app running so that people can still enjoy Catan while separated.

  • Same problem, worked fine yesterday. Up to date, wifi works perfect. What gives? Cannot play. Please fix.

  • @Lady-Leon This has nothing to do with Covid 19.
    admin and support are not in over weekends :dancers: and holidays, :christmas_tree: only peer support. :girl:
    The server stability has been a longtime problem on Catan Universe for the last 3 years. You will find hundreds of posts on this matter. Developers are aware of it and working on a longtime solution. But to untangle the spaghetti code :spaghetti: that probably caused this will take some time. :snail:

    For a short-term fix you can try :ambulance: the following:

    • empty browser chache and close other apps, or

    • logout/ login or

    • deinstall/ reinstall the game

    If these suggestions don´t help, write an email directly to support. :mailbox:
    They will respond on monday. Good luck!

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