How can I play with 6 other friends?

  • Hello,
    I and 6 other friends are used to play Catan on Saturday but with covid-19 we can't do it physicaly.
    We have created our account on the platform this morning but we can't find information about multiplayer game.
    How do we have to proceed? Could someone help us?
    Thanks in advance

  • @Nancy_L Sorry to say, but 6 player games are not possible on Catan Universe. They used to work fine on PlayCatan, but that platform was abandoned 3 years ago. 4 player games are the maximum on Catan Universe.

  • How do I play with 4? The game is only allowing me to play with 2 other players for a total of three.

  • administrators

    @moksha924 you and your friends have to unlock the expansion you want to play. Either unlock it via a scroll to get 24h access to you might want to consider a purchase via Catan gold to get unlimited full access.

  • Is there any further expansion available to the Classic Game? 4 players on the classic board is tight.

  • @Administrator , please elaborate!

    I played a few 3-player games with two friends while I own the game and they do not. But as soon as I tried to play three friends in a 4-player game, a notice appeared that said I couldn't add the fourth because he doesn't own the game. So he paid for the game and I tried adding him and got the same message, now false.

    Based on your comment above, I suspect that perhaps while I can host a 3-player game with two free players, a 4-player game requires 4 owners. Is this accurate? I'm not about to ask my friends to pay just to find out!

    By the way, I purchased the game and a couple expansions based on my assumption that I would be able to host games. That's how it works IRL. I buy the board game and have people over to play. They're not required to own their own boxes before they can join a game at my house. Further, I found no documentation to counter this assumption so I purchased the game and expansions and began testing. 😐

    Will you please provide some clear, complete information?'

    Thank you!

  • @Rumpelstilzchen any timeline for when we might be able to play 6 player games?

  • @PaperTrader I am not an employee of Catan Universe. I am only a peer player, just like you. :two_women_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands:
    So I have no knowledge of CU´s future plans and intentions. You might want to direct this question to @administrators or @Developers .

  • Is there an update to play with 6 player via an extension pack or else?

  • @TylonHH Not yet.

    But some minutes ago, I read in an announcement on the discord-server:

    "Yes we are working on the 5-6 player expansion as well!" ;)

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