Not receiving reset password code

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    My husband is trying to reset his password for catan but is not receiving any email despite in game having the pop up confirming email sent. After trying to resend for over 48h now, we tried making a new account for him with a different email and same thing, this time he isn't receiving the email with his activation code. We've tried doing this both through steam in game as well as through browser. Already sent an email asking for help but have not heard anything back.
    Please help!

  • @crazycatbiddie6

    I am having the same problem. Having been using the app successfully for a couple of months it now asks me to login and does says ' login failed'. did you find a solution ?


  • @Pauldletley Might as well be caused by server problems. Try to login at an unusual time, when less players are online.

  • My English is not that good.
    Mijn account was always good, but now comes at the start of the name Jon Doe standing.
    I must be every time, do click the game reached.
    Now I log in and it's not because my password is incorrect.
    I forgot to request a new password, but it does not work.
    I enter the code first and then 2 times my new password.
    I now have a timeout.
    How long does it take?

  • @B.T. Timeout takes 1 hour. :alarm_clock:

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