Just finished placements. Looking for advice

  • Little background. I've played Catan in real life for ~5 years so I know what I'm doing.
    I found Dylighted's videos on youtube so downloaded CU on steam, bought the base game.

    I won all 5 placements and placed 1038 ELO in Platinum. I have no idea how good/bad this is and would really appreciate someone providing me with some context.
    I'm looking to join a competitive guild if anyone knows any.
    I'm not exactly sure how to join seasons and don't currently see a button for it. Could someone please explain how to join this?
    Lastly, is there anything else I should be getting/doing through the game that's common knowledge for most players? (e.g. buy certain expansions)
    Thank you

  • @Swimmy10

    • Platinum is pretty good, and there are several competative :runner: :runner: guilds, they usually ask for ELO above 1000 points.

    • Seasons :trophy: are anounced a few weeks :calendar: before the event. Then you will be able register for participation. A button will appear during the registration phase. It usually costs money. :moneybag:

    • To participate, it might be useful to own Seafarers :boat: as well as Cities & Knights :european_castle: extensions.

    • But before you buy it, it would be fair to warn you that the Catan Universe servers sometimes don´t work as expected. Often players get :boom: kicked out of the game :scream: due to no fault of their own (or their technical :wrench: setup, which might be first rate)
      This will cause them to loose ELO :rage: , and it cannot be re-awarded :money_with_wings: to make things right again. This has caused a lot of grief :cry: to competative players.

  • I've been playing Catan for over 20 years and am trying to upload a strategy guide to the play store for a couple bucks. It's pretty in-depth. I'm also starting a guild on this site called "Pro League" if you're interested.

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