Adding friend

  • Hi, I want to play with a friend, but when, in the friend menu i look for him, I can't find him...As if he did not even exist. I can't even tap his whole name because it's too long...Why is that?

  • Having similar issue.

  • Me too, can't find the friend

  • Same here. I found there was a work around: if me and a friend clicked to join a free game at the exact same time, we'd end up in the same free game and then we could add one another. But seriously, we all bought this game so we could play while staying in quarantine, if we can't play together it's kind of pointless.

  • Same here, good advice Tuxzilla. I'ts prob going to be tricky with all of these new members. As my old catan friend and I were lucky to already been friends in the past.

  • It's fixed

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