Can't add friends/server wont connect

  • Anyone else not able to play with friends? I can't find any of my friends and keep getting kicked off the server

  • Also can't add new friends that have recently joined.
    Assuming the servers haven't updated with my friend's recent usernames.
    I've had my account for over 2 weeks, and I don't appear in their searches either.


    If curious, see if you can add me--

  • Same problem here. Following...

  • Please log out one time manually and back in. This should resolve the issue

  • @Administrator I´ve been trying that since yesterday and it doesn´t work

  • @Administrator I've tried multiple times and still get the same issue. Lots of other users are struggling with this too, has to be something on your end. Thank you.

  • same problem. what's going on??

  • @Administrator it does not solve the issue - i have tried it time and time again

  • Adding friends in times of high demand on our servers seems to cause issues like automatical logouts. Our team is doing their best to resolve the issue but in the meantime please try to add friends in times of lower overall server load e.g later at night or early in the morning.

    Due to the current situation, our systems are currently running at full capacity. Our teams work overtime to keep the servers as stable as possible.

  • @Administrator After I try signing off/on manually it wont even let me type in my friend's name

  • Hi. I can´t add my friends, i can´t find them. But they find each other ... I create a new accunt and same thing. Pls, help

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