Covid-19 and CatanUniverse

  • Hey guys

    Since we're all in (partial) lockdown for the next three weeks here in Europe, I was wondering if it's possible to see a gesture from CatanUniverse and make the game cheaper/free for the next 3-5 weeks? I'm in a group that plays catan: cities and knights quite often and we all have a version of Catan at home. We're all thrilled to play online, but we're a bit reluctant to buy it 'again'.

    If not; no hard feelings/judgement ofcourse, every company is free to do as they wish - this is not meant to put pressure on the company in any way - just a question.

    Kind regards

  • Unlikely to happen. They invested money in making digital version of the game, so you have to but it, even though you already have your analog copy (same as I do). It's nothing uncommon really. KOSMOS had to engage game developers to create it, so from commercial point of view, they have to get the revenue. Oh and by the way, it's just a couple of euros, so I believe you guys can afford it. It will surely help develop and make the game better in the future :)

    Best regards,

  • A large group of my friends within the quarantine zone, including me, would love to buy this game if it wasn't so damn buggy and riddled with cheaters and bots.
    I think the developers missed the mark here by a long shot. PlayCatan was a stable release with a lot of players. A lot of people just migrated to other sites.

    Too bad

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