Friends research BUG

  • hi, me and my friends have problems with friends research, when we typing our username the game reply "no players found named..." and on the top "can't reach the server" it's a Knowed bug ? thanks

  • I had the same problem. BUT then I thought if there were a difference in the mobile app. So I logged on to the mobile app, and then I could add a friend. When i went back to Steam, I was friends with my friend and we could make a custom game :)

  • Please log out manually and back in again this should resolve the issue.

  • Still nothing. We have three or four accounts and none of them are working for finding each other.

  • @Administrator tried this method to unlogg manually but do not work (on my mobile / iPad and on Firefox) .. Hope you'll find the solution :)

  • still having this issue.. try to find a friend and it either boots me offline or says i'm disconnected. Nothing has worked all day..

  • @cookieomnomnom Yep, same problem +1!

  • same problem here too! Please fix this, is very important in quarantine times!

  • @mykeerat This bug has been around for at least 2 months.
    Also note that only players who are currently online and logged in appear in the friendslist.

  • @Administrator It doesnt fix the problem.

  • We also have the same problem. How to solve it? use the mobile apps?

  • I can't find my friend , not fair

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