The game not allow us to find friends. It is not working.

  • I am trying to add mi friends but it doesn’t work. Please can you fix it?

  • I am trying this too and it doens't work.
    I dont find my friend and when i try i get a connection error.
    Other aspect of the game works fine

  • Please log out of your account by clicking on your avatar and choosing the option "log out" after that, log back in again and search for your friends.

  • It continues to happen. Every time I'm trying to look for friends I keep getting a connection error.

  • I have tried logging in and out and it still does not allow me to add friends. I bet the servers are overloaded due to everyone making accounts and playing due to quarantine.

  • Still not working. Loging out and in doesn't change any behavior.

  • I'm having the same issue. I've tried every which way to resolve this. Log out. Create a new account. Play a game to establish a record so maybe then I could be found. My friend can't find me and I can't find my friend. I think this is only happening to new users as I can search for well established players.

  • Yes, the same issue here. We specifically bought the game to play together, but we are not able to find each other. Can you please fix this issue?

    We get connection errors when searching for each other, but the main problem is that we cannot even find each other!

    Please fix this ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Got the same issue, cannot add new friends.. Didn't had this problem in the past..
    Have many issue with connections with server and have to reconnect.

    Seems that the servers are busy... :(

  • Cannot search for or add friends.
    It disconnects me from the server.

    Good luck fixing it :) Would love to play.

  • I tried to add friends early in the morning when I wake up, found all of them in few seconds..
    Yesterday evening, it was impossible.
    Seems the server are too busy with the pandemic.. Take care guys.

  • @Administrator Have one friend who is in our friend list but we can't start a game with him. Tried restarting, logging in and out, no luck. Very frustrating. No other solutions?

  • Having same issue, My friends could find each other but couldn't find me and I couldn't find them

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just installed the update and can find the friends but it won’t find the friends to play in the custom match. Tried logging out and did not work.

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