Can't Add New Friends

  • @Administrator My Mom bought this game yesterday so we could play together like we used to do in person before this whole social isolation started. We cannot find each other as friends, and today she was not able to access the game on the website. I keep reading responses from the admins to have patience because usage has doubled....some of these responses are over 3 weeks old. Why do you continue to sell to new people when you know they likely won't be able to play? That seems continue to sell the product when you know you can't provide it.

  • @Administrator
    Having problem where my friends r showing in friends list but not for custom game add friends and they cannot add me either. Version up to date and logged out and in again and still no luck.

  • @administrators , hey , same problem for me. I see my friend as logged in in the friends list and neither of us sees the other when choosing cities and knights custom match. Please advise.

  • @Schlupe-Fiasco Issue Resolved: I was having the same issue and I resolved it by restarting the game after someone sent me a friend request.

  • Looks like it is now resolved for me after installing latest update today.

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