Can't Add New Friends

  • Every time I try to add new friends I disconnect from the server. Anyone else having this problem. It happens in browser and Steam. I can't receive friend requests either, none of my friends can see me online. I've tried logging out and logging back in. Thank you!

  • Yo, yeah i have the same f4cking problem. I wanted to play with my friends tonight but we just can't add each other. Admins if u are there will it be fixed soon or maybe there is another way to add a frined in game?

  • hello i cant play this game i cant add my friends i am new so please do fast repair

  • Same issue here. Unacceptable for a payable game.

  • Same issue here, very disappointed! @administrators any idea when this will be resolved?

  • Add another one to the list. Can login just fine and play games, but not allowed to add any friends. Very frustrating.

  • Same thing happened to me. Couldn't add friends or see their names at all. I logged out to try a reset and now I'm fully locked out of my account on Catan. It says "account temporarily unavailable" but I've been trying to re log in and can't. Sucks that I paid for seafarers today...

  • @administrators Every time I try to add new friends, I see "No players found named <<playername>>". I'm sure, name is correct. What's the problem? Thank you!

  • Me and a friend also just bought the gamen and we can't find eachother. What is this. please fix this is asap.

  • @administrators @Developers @Moderators @Administrator
    can someone please reply? even if it's just an ETA for problem fix? want to know if it's worth the wait

  • Same problem here. I convince 3 people to register to play online together and we can't add each other. Please solve...

  • Same problem here!

  • Hi! We are trying to play with friends, but as above, i can't find them. We are playing the free version, and i thought that find friends wasn't a feature of the free game... but i read above that someone who bought the game, has the same problem... here in Italy we are all locked in our houses, and it would be handy to be able to play with our friends...please fix it, and we will buy the game.... :smiley:

  • Can find friend also, logged in on his accoutn to see if he can find me but also this does not work...

  • Would be nic eo play with friends during corona measurements ...

  • same problem jeeez

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