What is in base catan game

  • Hi guys , i dont fully understand , what i can unlock if i buy 400 gold and buy catan base game . I can get multiplayer , singeplayer , game for 4 players and i will have each map different ? Or is there something more or less. Thanks for answering .

  • @Masterrko yes - all of the things you said.
    Simply the base game : single and multi, with random boards, on all devices, as long as you like.
    If you like Catan, you should thing of buying a bundle with seafarer and c&k, so you can save a little bit gold. (With seafarer you t a lot of scenarios and with c&k you can play most these scenarios with the c&k expansion)



  • @Masterrko Yes, those are it. If you want more scenarios, e.g. Seafarers, Cities & Knights, Rivals of Catan, you need to buy these extra. :moneybag:

  • thank you guys :-)

  • For four person multiplayer, does everyone need to buy the basic game, or just one person who then hosts it for 3 more free players? Thanks all!

  • @Grimbil You can only host games for players who own the same games and extensions themselves.

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