Catan for 2 + Fisherman of catan

  • Hello Hello,

    I must say we enjoy the catan for two variant.
    Ran into a question I could not find an answer too in the FAQ.
    Q: When combining Catan for 2 + Fishmen of catan the trade tokens are replaced by the Fisherman tokens.
    I assumed it also meant along with all the rules and actions available for the trade tokens.
    However we do miss that force 2 trade action available by the trade tokens to have more influence over eachother then to just steal 1 card the Fishman tokens provide.
    Is there an possible combination rule that states by paying x amount of fish you can do the same "Forced 2 trade" action?
    Or say keep the trade tokens in alongside of the fish tokens but not receive any trade tokens when building?
    Then receive 5 starting trade tokens but no starting fish tokens?

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards Olaf

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