Web game with 5--6 player

  • Is it possible to play the web versione with 5-6 player?

  • No, I already e-mailed the developers. Shame, it would have made the game so much better.

  • Yes that would be some fun.
    I wish it gets implemented one day.

  • pleeeassse. Need this, especially with the self-isolating

  • @JeffyJoned There is another great game on steam :dash: called "Pandemic" that you can play with 5 players. It works like a treat, no hitches, no freezes. Game plot: You play a group of WHO Experts who try to save the world from 4 nasty viruses. Any resemblances or similarities to current events are clompletly unintended and coincidential. (This is not a hoax, the game has been around for years)

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